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Quality Standards

What makes a quality home?

Is it the elaborate crown moulding? The cherry woodwork? Or maybe the expensive fixtures?

At Platinum Development Corporation, we believe the true test of a quality home is in the things you can't see – the quality of the materials that form the structure and foundation of the home. You see, we feel that a quality home is built out of materials and products that are made to last for generations; what’s inside the walls and under the floors is at least as important as appointments such as crown molding and marble floors, which you can see. We research and select only the best materials for our homes, so you can rest assured your new home will give your family years of enjoyment.

This philosophy carries into every home we build, regardless of size or price. Our standard building package thoughtfully includes many features other builders offer only as options. Likewise, the demanding quality of our building materials and structural processes often surpasses local and state building requirements. It’s the way you would build your home if you were the builder.


3/4" plywood subflooring – glued, nailed and screwed to joists

We use 3/4” plywood subflooring because it is more structurally rigid and superior to OSB (Oriented Strand Board) for flooring. We also glue, nail, and screw our subfloors. This aids in preventing floor “pops” and ties the floor in together as one solid unit.

 Cement Wall  

9’ high poured walls

The typical basement wall height is 8’; the additional height in our basements makes a noticeable difference when the basement is finished (ductwork typically runs under the joists, so an 8’ basement will shrink down to 7’ for a significant portion).

 Wall Sheeting  

OSB wall sheeting

All exterior walls are constructed with OSB sheeting, rather than the commonly used fiberboards, such as CeloTex. This produces an exterior wall that is much more rigid.

 Phone and Ethernet Jacks  

Minimum 6 each, cable and phone/ethernet jacks

In this electronic age, we feel our customers should not be limited in the number and placement of cable and phone/ethernet jacks. At the rough-frame, a meeting is scheduled with the client to determine their preferences in locating these jacks.

 Tyvek Seals  

Energy seal package included

Standard in a Platinum Development home is a full energy seal package, including Tyvek House Wrap. Gaps in framing material, drafts, and likely crevices where cold winter air may enter the home are eliminated.


Rough-in-plumbing included

All basements include the rough plumbing drains necessary to install a bathroom in the basement at a later date. Rather than having to break-up concrete, the drain lines are already there. Our clients who choose to later finish their basements have a full- sized bathroom, including that extra ceiling height because of our taller basement walls!

 Heating Ducts  

90+ high efficiency furnace and hot water heater

Standard in every Platinum Development home is a high efficiency furnace and water heater. Over time, these save on energy costs.


Other items included as standard

  • Air conditioning
  • Humidifier(s)
  • Garage door openers
  • Keyless entry, garage doors
  • Programmable thermostat(s)
  • R-38 insulation in ceilings
  • 30-year dimensional asphalt shingles
  • Andersen Windows
  • 200 amp electrical panel
  • Brick-faced foundation walls
  • 5/8” thick drywall on all ceilings
  • Garage walls and ceiling are drywalled
  • Poured front porch walls (thus leaving a wine cellar space) when possible
  • Pittsburgh Paints Manor Hall interior paint
  • Appliance allowance
  • Light fixture allowance
  • Plumbing fixture allowance
  • Water softener allowance (for homes which are serviced by a well)

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